• Services Available:

    • Flea Treatment
    • Termite Treatment
    • Lawn Spray
    • Fire Ant Treatment
    • Mosquito Sprays
    • Mosquito Mist Away Systems
    • Attic Dusting
    • Rodent Control
    • Preventive Treatments
    • Snakes/Critters
    • Trapping
    • Wasps/Mud Daubers
    • Spiders
    • Carcass Removal
    • Nest Removal

    Pest Control

    Once the inspection is conducted our technicians will then present our client with a clear explanation of the possible solution(s) to assist them with their problem. At times, Integrated Pest Management may be necessary to eradicate the problem or correct the conducive condition. This, along with our effective products applied in the right places will correct the original problem. Our policy is, “If we can’t prove it, we won’t sell it”.

    Termite Control

    Want to prevent termites? An inspection of your dwelling or place of business can provide you with valuable information on how to protect your home. Termites are extremely intelligent insects that try their best to remain unseen, not only from humans but from other predatory insects as well. Most of the time people find termites infesting when the damage has already begun. We want to educate our homeowners about Termites. The information we provide can and will help owners for as long as they are owners for years to come.

    Home Protection

    As homeowners ourselves, we want you to feel assured that we are here to protect and assist you with the sometimes difficult and hard to understand problems that we are faced with every season!

    Rodent Control

    Rodents are fast, sneaky and most times very quiet. Their goal is to go undetected. A rat can fit through a hole the size of a quarter. Mice can fit through a hole the size of dime. They like to collect almost any material that can be used as an insulator in the nesting area of their choice, which can be almost anywhere. Theytend to eat, sleep, mate and do their business all in the same area they consider a

    Cantura’s Seasonal Services

    Although it may still be cold on some days in the early spring, we must keep in mind that its still spring and sometimes Mother Nature waits for no one. Certain species of insects will begin to show up in the warmer part of the days to begin foraging in and around areas that are conducive to them. It is important to get ahead of these insects and have something in place for when they decide to invade your home or structure.

    This is probably the time where most insects begin to look for mates, lay eggs and find new homes or nesting locations. Its spring and with spring comes the natural instinct for animals and insects to look for opportunity to multiply and move about. This is one of the most important times to have your home or place of business inspected and treated. This is the time for Termites to become the busiest. Ants are starving and looking for proteins and sugar. Fleas start to leave the dormant state and are eager to look for hosts to feed off of. Rodents and critters come out from hiding and show themselves more. A very busy season for nature and the busiest for our industry!
    The bulk of problems show themselves during the summer season. All of the insects that you didn’t see invading your area, should be seen by now and should already have locations where they are nesting, living, feeding, drinking or infesting! The heat of the summer makes almost all insects come out in large numbers and sometimes in more aggressive manners than any other season. If the summer is a dry one, expect to see some insects coming closer for water and nutritional resources. In Texas the temperature can get high above 80 and stay like that for days at a time regardless if its day or night. This means that while we sleep as humans, most insects continue business as usual all around the clock! Flying insects show themselves more in the summer than any other season. The heat can create or intensify smells, aromas and odors thus inviting more than just flies! Mosquitos are a huge problem lately and summer days, afternoons and nights are no different.

    A big mistake that some consumers make is, believing that just because we are in fall, there is no need for a pest control service. The fall service can be just as affective and necessary as any other season. In fact, the fall is the season where we receive the most rat and squirrel calls. The temperature is warmer in the day and cooler at night. The insects use the warmer part of the day as if it were spring.
    The few things that I’ve noticed about winter services:

    # 1 – Clients have a more peaceful Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday when their loved ones come to stay over during the holidays. No surprises, no invaders.

    # 2 – We stop the rodents and critters from having a party in your attic while you are trying to enjoy the holidays.

    # 3 – Going into early spring, clients notice the absence of spring insects because they had a service protect them during the Fall and Winter months.

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    What Client’s Say

    We have had consistently great service from Oscar. He is a master of his profession. He always takes the time to thoroughly inspect our property, find the source of the pest problems, and provide effective treatment. Oscar is trustworthy, cheerful, and efficient. Highly recommended!!
    Paul & Leslie Pecena, Rockwall
    To anybody needing pest or termite control, look no further. Cantura Pest has been so so great! My wife and little boy have had numerous companies come and help with differnt problems but Oscar at Cantura has been amazing. Everytime we need them they come ASAP, best service in DFW.
    Brant, The Colony
    Cantura Pest is the best! They saved our home from an ant invasion the same day we called. Love them!
    Brittnye Schroeder, Dallas
    Thank You for the speedy and excellent service. Oscar is one of the most knowledgeable gentleman I have met in Dallas/Fort Worth.
    Larry Jones, Plano