We Know That This Will Help!

1. Same technician on every visit. This technician will remember the past issues and follow up on his next visit! This allows you to get to know your technician and build a better relationship!
2. Our technicians will not “just do outside” and then leave. We want you to be home! Communication and presentation can go so much further!
3. Want to see what your technician is talking about? Let us show and prove what is going on!
4. No hidden fees or surprise charges. We will give you an estimate on all additional and special jobs before we start!
5. Honesty, Integrity and Proficiency all the time!

Our Company Mission

To operate and maintain a successful pest control company that will improve and assist customers’ lives, property and environment through safe and efficient integrated pest management services.

Our Values

At Cantura Pest & Termite Control we believe in honesty and integrity. We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated when service providers and contractors come to our home and work. We know that our services provide solutions and expedient results. Our personable approach to customers has allowed us to gain trust and create relationships that are lasting and result in clients that believe and depend on our education and expertise to solve their sometimes difficult and confusing problems.

Our Experience

10 years of experience in assisting and protecting owners in a multitude of locations where insects always thrive. Pest Control, Integrated Pest Management, Control of Fleas, Ticks, Snakes, Rats, Mice, Birds, Bed Bugs, cockroaches, Fire Ants, Carpenter Ants, Termites, critters, wild animals, Wood Destroying Insects, Conducive conditions, construction pre-treats, post- treatment, spot treatments, and preventive treatments. All in residential homes, multi unit buildings, commercial work place, ware houses, offices, bars, restaurants, manufacturing plants, pool houses, playgrounds, schools, nursing homes, hospice locations, doctor and dental offices, churches, halls, RV’s, daycares ETC.

Our Clients