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Pest Control

At Cantura Pest we understand the importance of a good thorough inspection and treatment process. Inspections allow us to identify the activity and presence of unwanted and uninvited pests, insects and critters. Through this process we can also identify conducive conditions, damage and most times the level of infestation. Proper inspection procedure allows us to show and prove to our clients the problem that has been identified.

Termite Control

This is a very important process that should not be taken lightly. Subterranean Termites love all conducive conditions that involve water, soil and cellulose (products made with wood). There are several ways to rid a location of termites. Whether it is through baits, barriers or chemical solutions, we can eliminate your termite problem.

Home Protection

We all agree on one thing at Cantura Pest and that is, “treat every home as if it were yours!” Our homes and properties are usually the largest purchase/investment that we make in our lives. With most locations come garages, attics, crawl spaces, sheds, lawns, trees, shrubs, flowerbeds, fences and even all the other accessories like air conditioner units, water heaters, pool equipment, water softeners, patios, arbors, outdoor furniture, grills and cooking areas. Insects and critters love to forage and they aren’t picky when it comes to what they’ll infest and try to live off of.

Rodent Control

RODENTS! RATS! MICE! Regardless the type, these little critters can cause some serious economical damage to our homes, property and belongings. Nocturnal by nature, their eyesight is not great but their keen sense of smell is amazing! Most rodent cases go undetected until they have multiplied or caused some type of damage or destruction. It takes experience with a trained eye to understand the where, when, how and why they infested your home.

What Client’s Say

I was given a referral for Oscar from a person at my office that has used his services often.  He could not say enough about how professional and helpful Oscar has been.  I totally trust this persons opinion.  Oscar came to my home cleaned, sealed off entry areas where possums and other pest had been entering my attic.  He checked the area completely.  He also blew in insulation for me that has helped my heating bill and kept our home warmer all winter.  He did a wonderful job at a very reasonable cost and I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.  He went out of his way to make my home safer.
A. Novak, Farmers Branch
We have had consistently great service from Oscar. He is a master of his profession. He always takes the time to thoroughly inspect our property, find the source of the pest problems, and provide effective treatment. Oscar is trustworthy, cheerful, and efficient. Highly recommended!!
Paul & Leslie Pecena, Rockwall
To anybody needing pest or termite control, look no further. Cantura Pest has been so so great! My wife and little boy have had numerous companies come and help with different problems but Oscar at Cantura has been amazing. Every time we need them they come ASAP, best service in DFW.
Brant, The Colony
Cantura Pest is the best! They saved our home from an ant invasion the same day we called. Love them!
Brittnye Schroeder, Dallas